Wenzhou Medical University

05 Nov 2019

What is the Wenzhou Medical University Fee Structure?

Wenzhou Medical University fees structure for MBBS in Wenzhou Medical University is cheaper than India; accept the hostel charges which are not included in the tuition fee, sometimes university offers the free accommodation facilities to international students.

Brief Introduction about the Wenzhou Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University is also known as WMU it is a higher education institution which is running rapidly under the administration of Zhejiang Provincial Government. The origin of the university tacked back from 1912 when former Zhejiang Specialized Medical School was established. One of the challenging decisions shown in 1958 when a group of faculty was sent from Zhejiang Medical College in Hangzhou to establish the Second Zhejiang Medical College in Wenzhou.

Whose name has decided to change to Wenzhou Medical College according to the location name? Then In 2013 Wenzhou Medical College was officially renamed to Wenzhou Medical University.

Wenzhou Medical University Fees Structure 

Wenzhou Medical University Fee structure is for 1 year of study MBBS in Wenzhou Medical University you can multiply fees according to the 6 years of MBBS course.

  • Tuition Fee: 303,044.97 INR
  • Hostel Fee: 40,408.38 INR
  • Visa Extension: 4,040.84 INR
  • Insurance: 6,060.98 INR
  • Yearly Expense: 353,557.32 INR




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