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05 Nov 2019

What is the Shandong University Fee Structure

Shandong University fees structure for MBBS in Shandong University is cheaper than India; accept the hostel charges which are not included in the tuition fee, sometimes offers the free hostel facilities to international students.

Brief Introduction about the Shandong University

Shandong University is one of the largest university and approx 57 000 full-time students pursuing MBBS in Shandong University it is one of the popular university managed by the education ministry of China. Shandong University stared the initiative of modern Chinese higher education also in medical and medical schools was established in 1864. Currently, the university running 4 affiliated hospitals, 3 non-subordinate affiliated hospitals, and 11 teaching hospitals.

Shandong University is the best in teaching and administrative staffs which are about 10,200 in numbers, the total student in the university are approx up to 60,000, approx 41,437 students are undergraduates, minimum 16,034 are postgraduates and 1,737 are international students to study MBBS in China.

Shandong University Fees Structure 

Shandong University Fee structure is for 1 year of study MBBS in Shandong University you can multiply according to the 6 years of MBBS education.

  • Tuition Fee: 454,753.60 INR
  • Hostel Fee: 90,948.25 INR
  • Visa Extension: 8,084.10 INR
  • Insurance: 8,084.10 INR
  • Yearly Expense: 561,798.92 INR 



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