Study MBBS in Tianjin Medical University

Founded as Tianjin Medical College in 1951, the university now spreads over a space of 400,000 sq. meters with a total construction area of about 358,900 sq. meters and has become one of the best medical colleges in China for Indian students. Owing to its exceptional teaching faculty, unrelenting efforts and academic infrastructure capabilities, the university was listed in the ‘211 Project’ cementing the stature of the university among the top ranked medical universities in China. The university previously had the authorization to offer a range of doctoral, master and undergraduate programs in a wide range of medical academic field and now the university is also poised offer a several post-doctoral programs for students in the medical field. The changes have been made owing to the uncompromised quality of the education offered by the Tianjin Medical University for students not just in China but also from the rest of the world.

One of the most striking and value-adding attributes of the university definitely is the matchless infrastructure the university is endowed with and it makes the university truly one of the top MBBS universities in China. The university has 6 affiliated hospitals, 11 clinical colleges and more than 30 teaching hospitals and research centers under it sleeves. All of these medical infrastructure helps the student get best exposure to diverse types of medical practices and process making them all the more skilled and adepts in their area of specialization. The medical aspirations of the students studying the university have been further supported by about 7,493 staffs in diverse teaching and non-teaching capacities.

The medial programs are recognized by the World Health Organization as the quality of the programs rendered by the university is topnotch. Further, medical councils of several countries including that of India have approved the programs and hence the medical professionals who study MBBS in China and later want to pursue their career aspirations elsewhere can effectively do that after appearing for the medical practitioner licensing exams held by the respective medical counsels of these countries.

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Head 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Tuition Fee 41,000 RMB 41,000 RMB 41,000 RMB 41,000 RMB 41,000 RMB
Hostel Fee 4500 RMB 4500 RMB 4500 RMB 4500 RMB 4500 RMB
Visa Extension 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB
Insurance 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB
Yearly Expense 46500 RMB 46500 RMB 46500 RMB 46500 RMB 46500 RMB
Total in 5 years   232500 RMB

*NOTE: MISC CHARGES to be paid in the University in 1st year 2500RMB-3000RMB
* Fee is subject to change as per the decision of MEA, China & the exchange rate
* 1 RMB= Rs. 10/-

Climate: Tianjin is located on the east shore of the European–Asian continent, which is affected by monsoons. Tianjin has a temperate monsoon climate, making the area windy and dry in the spring, hot and rainy in the summer (June to August), cool in the autumn, and cold and snowy in the winter (December to February). The annual rainfall in Tianjin is 600 mm (23.6 inches), and the annually average temperature is 12 °C (53.6 °F). The hottest month is July, with an average temperature of around 27.8 °C (82 °F) and the coldest month is January, with an average temperature of around -4.3 °C (24 °F). Winter in Tianjin can last for over 160 days, and snowy days are common.

Transport: Tianjin Binhai International Airport is located in ZhangguiZhuang, Dongli District, about 13 kilometers (about 8 miles) away from the downtown area.As the second largest airport in Northern China ranking only after the Capital International Airport in Beijing. It is 400,000 square meters (about 99 acres) with a parking apron that can admit 40 airplanes at the same time. At present Binhai International Airport has 39 domestic and international airlines, reaching Shanghai, Xian, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Seoul, and so on.

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