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19 Apr 2019

Preparations Before You Travel to China

After accepting the college’s Admission Notice and the JW202 Form, you may start preparations for studying abroad in China. Here is a part of the things you should know before going to China.


Students should be applied for Student visa (X) visa at the Chinese Embassy to study MBBS in China with the genuine documents and one lot of photocopies of the following documents:

  • Completed visa application form with one white foundation international ID measure photograph (ought to be adhere to the visa structure).
  • Fully finished and official JW202 type of the tertiary institution in China (both genuine and photocopy).
  • Valid confirmation letter from the tertiary foundation in China (both unique and photocopy).
  • Foreign physical examination record with one white background passport size photograph (must be validated at the court).
  • Photocopy and unique visa must valid for more than six (6) months with somewhere around two clear pages.
  • Applicants must have their own bank account statement if self-supported, which ought to be present for something like a half year and must be verified at the court.
  • For the non-self-supported candidate, a photocopy of either support’s international ID, a letter of sponsorship, driving permit or voter’s ID card, photocopy and unique of support’s bank statement for no less than a half year and validated at the court.
  • Must have the original and photocopy of past school declaration.

If you want more details then go to Visa statement of the Chinese Embassy.

study mbbs in china

Physical Examination

After reaching China, students are mandatory to go to the Health quarantine bureau to confirm the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner inside the recommended time limit. If the student is analyzed to have an ailment which the laws disallows section in China, he/she should come back to his nation at his own cost.


Guaranteeing that your accounts are arranged before you leave for college or school abroad is essential. You would prefer not to finish up with genuine troubles paying for fundamentals, for example, accommodation (if not dealt with as of now), books, food, and bills.

It is necessary to have a personal bank account once you reach in China.


So as to ensure the security of students through their stay in China, and all International students should have done their medical insurance. The expense is $95 for one year.


Checking the availability of your adjustment that is very important as well as be familiar with and when it requires to be bought for.


It’s a smart thought to discover how to get to your college from the airport before you reach. If you are being grabbed, ensure you realize where to meet and how to recognize the person who comes to pick you. If you take a taxi, ensure you have the location written in Chinese characters and enough money in RMB to pay for the ride. Most Chinese cities likewise have a bus transport service or high-speed train that is connecting with the airport to arrive in the city.

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