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01 Jun 2019

Mistakes Indian Students Make While Applying for Study MBBS in China

These days, Indian students are opting for study MBBS in China to a great extent. This is so because it has better prospects and immense opportunities considering the future of the aspirant.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes while applying for study MBBS in China

Inadequate Research

It has been seen in many cases that the candidates are in so much in a hurry to go abroad that they tend to ignore basic yet significant information regarding the program or university they are opting for. Make sure to prepare a set of questions referring to your areas of interests. Collect as much information as possible about the university as well as the program you are applying for. Here is some of the sample questions listed below –

  • Are there any hostel facilities available within the University?
  • What will be the total cost of the program?
  • Is there any mess facility at the university?
  • Can I work part-time during my studies?
  • How do I fund my studies?
  • Is this country apt for me?

Feeble Financial Planning

Feeble Financial Planning is one of the important determinants and you seriously need to pay attention to this. It acts as the soul of your dream to study in abroad.

This is one of the most important factors to be given serious attention to. In a way, it is the soul of your whole study in abroad dream. Feeble financial planning definitely leads severe reverberations down the line.

Accumulate all the information related to student loans, tuition fees, and other expenses. This will help you to sort out a number of incipient issues in advance. Good money management skills will help you in saving extra money and ease the pressure. It will also help you in finding suitable part-time work, which will supplement your finances.

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