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07 Jun 2019

Is MBBS Good in India Or Abroad?

Well, you have to face NEET and NLE for both MBBS in India and MBBS in abroad. While studying MBBS in abroad, you can obtain the MBBS degree approved by MCI, the opportunity to practice medicine in India, the low-cost MBBS study, world-class infrastructure, and admission without any donation or entrance test.

MBBS in Abroad

International Exhibition – The first and most important advantage of study MBBS in abroad is that you will obtain an international exhibition while studying MBBS in any foreign countries. You will witness the education of world-class MBBS without any donation, yes, while the admission in MBBS is done in India; most of the universities request donations or a capitation fee that is not available in foreign countries. Study MBBS in abroad takes advantage of the universal MBBS curriculum and offers a smooth university administration or admission procedure.

The international medical universities have an excellent infrastructure and facilitate the MBBS curriculum through technically advanced classrooms, sophisticated nursing laboratories, and modern libraries. You will get unparalleled academic amenities while studying MBBS abroad, as well as a great opportunity to interact with foreign cultures and customs. You will surely enjoy the company of international medical universities and faculties from different countries.

Exchange Program – It is estimated that International MBBS students do not have enough opportunities to explore their professional boundaries. The Medical Exchange Program is a blessing for aspiring MBBS International that allows them to explore more in medical settings. Most of MBBS’s international universities offer student exchange programs with other foreign medical universities to address research and development (research and development) opportunities beyond the borders of the countries.

Get Medical Government Universities – Lakhs of MBBS applicants from India apply for admission in MBBS in India, but MBBS positions in government medical schools are less than 20,000. Therefore, it is very difficult to obtain the admission of the MBBS at the government university in India. You will get an easy admission of MBBS at the government medical university for MBBS in abroad without any donation or entrance examination.

Best Earning Opportunities – After completing MBBS in abroad, you can design the career of your dreams and earn a lot of foreign currencies. You can earn during your MBBS abroad too. Select preferred destinations for MBBS abroad and study medicine at MCI-approved medical colleges that will help you with a mountainous career in medical sciences.

There are numerous reasons that raised the annual percentage of Indian MBBS students studying MBBS abroad. If you obtain an MBBS degree abroad with the approval of the Medical Council of India (MCI), the degree will be accepted everywhere and will help you establish your medical career in other foreign countries. You can request sanctioned permission from the government of any specific country. You will be eligible to work in private or government health clinics, hospitals in foreign countries.

MBBS in India

Best Theoretical Study Program – Everyone knows that theoretical education in India is the best in the whole world. Here, we are not referring to the patterns of education, but if you want to get better aggregate grades in India, you have to master the theoretical knowledge.

Courses of study for MBBS in India are highly respected in the world and, of course, we never have faced the talent shortage.

Clinical Exposure – The importance of clinical experience can never be underestimated by any medical student, as it allows them to interact with patients and participate in their treatment accordingly. Clinical exposure in India will allow you to experience the true image of medical professionalism and allow you to use your potential in the development of your medical skills.

During your MBBS in India, you will get a better clinical experience than anywhere else in the world. You can observe a large number of patients and expand your knowledge to run a hospital or clinic. Helping doctors in India, voluntary service or medical surveillance in hospitals gives you enough practical knowledge about the performance of your profession.

Language Comfort – Several languages are spoken in India, but that can never be a problem for an Indian. You are indigenous from birth, and when you exercise your medical profession after your MBBS in India, you will also find patients in your family environment. You can easily understand your point of view, your problems and treat them according to your medical skills. The main advantage of living in India is that you will never be a victim of linguistic diversity. Being in a domestic environment is the greatest benefit that is never found when studying MBBS abroad.

Admit that languages have a great impact on the studies of any flow. You can study MBBS in India in the English language and solve your queries in the language you prefer. You will never witness language difficulties during your routine activities or interaction with patients.

Common Procedure for MBBS in India and MBBS in Abroad

NEET – If an Indian partner seeks MBBS admission in India or abroad, he must qualify for the NEET. The government of India has proposed a draft, so the “National eligibility test with the income” is essential for Indian students seeking MBBS.

According to an official of the Ministry of Health of the Union, NEET will apply to all next year if it receives the approval of the cabinet. All Indian MBBS applicants seeking MBBS abroad or MBBS in India would obtain NOC (No Objection Certificate) if they had qualified NEET.

Exit Examination – A Cabinet meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi approved the new Draft Law of the Medical Commission 2017, which proposes an exit exam known as NLE (National Licentiate Examination) for all medical graduates get the practice license in India.

Conclusion for MBBS in India Vs MBBS in Abroad

Well, you have to face NEET and NLE both for MBBS in India and for MBBS in abroad.

While studying MBBS abroad, you can obtain the MBBS degree approved by MCI, the opportunity to practice medicine in India, the low-cost MBBS study, world-class infrastructure and admission without proof of income and donation. Well, when studying MBBS in India, you can control the theoretical knowledge of medical sciences, larger than the expected clinical exposure and the comfort of language.

Now, it is your decision to decide and evaluate MBBS in India Vs MBBS in abroad.

From my point of view, I suggest you to study MBBS in China. Now, why I suggest you to do MBBS in China. Here are some of the benefits of studying there –

  • Medical universities in China are between 300 and 600 years old.
  • 5 years of study.
  • 6th-year internship with a package of 30 lakh to pay.
  • 28 countries visa for the job.
  • China starting packaging 45 lakh.
  • Earn 70 to 80 k per month through part-time jobs.

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