Study in China During Covid 19

07 May 2020

Is it safe to go and study in China during pandemic situation?

Study in China during pandemic situation :

Planned everything from university to the kind of accommodation during your study duration in China? But now you’re feeling stressed with the spreading uncertainty due to the pandemic situation? We are here to rescue you from the said stress and uncertainties regarding your study plan in China.

As per the news reports coming from China, it is believed that China has got the spread of the pandemic under their control and have contained the Corona Virus. These reports state that out of the 338 cities affected by the corona virus outbreak, 318 cities are now safe and sound and getting back into their normal routines as all the corona affected patients have recovered, are cured and have been discharged from the hospitals.

Is it safe to go to China for study during the pandemic situation?

Regarding the questions from students about whether or not to go and study in China during this corona virus outbreak, it is for you to decide. But here are some facts to help you make a decision to go or not to go.

The Effects Of the corona virus pandemic are going to be limited since now most of the Chinese cities are in green zones and safe, just like before.

It should be noted that the effects will last hardly for only a little more time. This is based on the encouraging results of the Chinese Government’s efforts towards the countermeasures that they have been taking to respond to the ongoing pandemic.

Regular updates are also given to the public by the Central and Local government of China regarding the confirmed cases of corona virus and its related districts within every 24 hours. And they have also opened the medical treatment solution.

The Chinese government also changed their way of treatment and have started providing free treatment to all corona virus patients, whether Chinese or foreign.

Chinese hospitals are appropriately equipped and the doctors know how to deal with the virus. Given this fact, other countries should also take into consideration the medical treatment suggestions from China and WHO because the Chinese hospitals have now cured more than 78,000 patients. Also, the traditional Medicine of China like “lianhua qingwen” has been proven to be 91% effective in treating the Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms.

The Public Health Emergency System of China is functioning very effectively during this pandemic. By tracking the people who might be at risk of being infected by corona virus with the help of the reports from confirmed patients and hence, implement more strict quarantine medical observation.

The Ministry of Education Affairs, China has set up a COVID-19 Emergency Management Plan, on campus.

A corona virus vaccine is in the clinical test stage (Phase II) in China.

Covid-19 indeed have created an uncertain environment as most of the countries have closed their borders. But the Chinese government is optimistic for the September/October academic session, the autumn entry, as they predict that the border in China will be open.

Reasons to go and study Medicine in China :

  • No entrance examinations are held during admissions in medical universities.
  • They do not take any kind of Donations.
  • The Tuition Fee is very affordable.
  • The admission process is comparatively easy and fast.
  • The Expenses of living are substantially low and very cost-effective.They are as low as Rs. 7000 per month.
  • Chinese medical colleges provide their students with medical insurance which covers the costs of medical treatments throughout their study duration within the country.
  • The medical universities provide comfortable hostel accommodation.
  • You can Study MBBS in China in English if you get enrolled in one of the 45 State approved universities.
  • They pay special emphasis on smart points in teaching.
  • The climate throughout the year.
  • China is a good place for vacationers and has many historically significant places. Due to this reason, there are also ample opportunities for students interested in taking part in cultural activities, social meets, conferences, sports activities and excursions organized by the colleges or the universities.
  • Students will have a memorable time exploring China and may also get the chance to experience some beautiful rituals and practices of Chinese citizens.
  • China offers a decent deal for students aspiring to study medicine. They Will be able to get a lot of international exposure meeting students from different countries as education in China is cheaper than in comparison to studying MBBS in several foreign countries.
  • Also, the number of students in every class in medical universities in China is a lot lower when compared with that in several other overseas destinations, thus allowing professors to provide individual attention to each student. In brief, the professor to student ratio is low and good.

If after reading all the information provided here regarding studying in China, you’ve decided to go there, all that is left for you to do is list out all the universities you are interested in. And after that, you can start applying for the September/October academic session as early as possible. The universities are accepting applications for their autumn session. Remember to check your eligibility criteria and qualifications before applying as well as the documents required for enrollment to the university. Also, make sure you have all the required documents for applying for the Visa at the Chinese embassy beforehand to avoid any delays or obstacles.

China has some of the Top 500 Universities in the World and provides the best quality education in English language. The MBBS degree is at par with degrees provided at universities from countries like the USA, UK, Korea, Japan and other European countries while also being significantly less expensive. This provides a good educational opportunity to students from every type of economic background to get a high-quality education and learning experience and is also not heavy on the pocket.

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