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11 Oct 2019

Fee Structure & Scholarship for MBBS from Abroad 2019-20

Implementing Ideas to get education abroad in China is easier than one may think. Becoming more and more popular over the last years due to the great educational amenities, China is also attracting international students in terms of culture and traditions. They are offering a scholarship for motivating international students. These funds can also help in covering the cost of living that includes tuition, relocation, living and travelling. These scholarships offer financial benefits; there are the recognition and prestige connected with being given as a scholarship. It will be on the basis of ranking or sometimes because of economic hurdles.

There are different Chinese University for doing MBBS in China, Some of the top Chinese University are:

  1. MBBS in Beihua university China – 138000RMB
  2. MBBS in China medical university – 235000RMB
  3. MBBS in Fujian medical university China – 177000RMB
  4. MBBS in Guangxi medical university China – 182500RMB
  5. MBBS in Jiangsu University China – 199500RMB
  6. MBBS in Jilin university China – 183000RMB
  7. MBBS in Kunming medical university China – 210000RMB
  8. MBBS in Nanjing medical university China – 205000RMB
  9. MBBS in Qingdao medical university China – 208000RMB
  10. MBBS in Shandong medical university China – 278000RMB
  11. MBBS in Southeast University China – 198000RMB
  12. MBBS in Wenzhou medical university China – 175000RMB
  13. MBBS in Xi’an Jiaotong University China – 248500RMB
  14. MBBS in Xiamen university China – 215000RMB
  15. MBBS in Xinjiang Medical University China – 177500RMB
  16. MBBS in Yangzhou university China – 178500RMB
  17. MBBS in Zhejiang university China – 250000RMB
  18. MBBS in Zhengzhou university China – 208200RMB

And to get the scholarship, you have to give the FMST Test which is taken by Jagvimal Consultant, Jaipur for those students who wants to do complete their dream in the medical field from abroad medical universities.

It is an award of financial aid to all the meritorious students qualifying for scholarship criteria. The form can be filled up free of cost and the qualified students can earn scholarship starting from Rs 40,000/- up to Rs 5,00,000/-per year. The form can be downloaded from the website: www.jagvimal.com and can be submitted online or offline. Incomplete or duplicate entries will lead to rejection of your chance to earn the scholarship.

Duration and Payment of Scholarship

The scholarship under the Scholarship test scheme is awarded for the year of admission. For the progressive years, it can be earned by the student based on his annual performance at the University under the University criteria. The students can earn the scholarship for the entire duration of his/her course provided the student fits in the eligibility criteria given by the University.

The amount of scholarship shall be communicated to the student at the time of result declaration of the scholarship test. The same will either be paid directly to the student or waived off from the student fee as per the rules and regulations of the test conducting committee.

Advantages of Scholarship Test

  • Award: It is an award of student’s hard work.
  • Distinguish your achievements: Student can judge where he/she stands amongst the group of students with the same interests.
  • Know your IQ: This course specific test lets you know your IQ for a particular subject.
  • Judge your aptitude: This test judges your aptitude for the subject chosen to build your career
  • Financial Support: One most important advantage of a scholarship is “Cost redemption”.
  • Competitive Spirit: You can enter into a healthy competition.
  • Scholarships Can Help You Get Into a Selective University: It encourages the student to strive for better prospects and may choose a University which was once out of the budget without the scholarship.
  • High Prestige: The tag of high Prestige is directly linked with the award of Scholarship. It is awarded to students having a proven track record of a brilliant score and excellence in their respective fields.
  • Loans vs Scholarships: Scholarships are any day better than loans taken. Unlike Scholarships, loans come with a pay-back liability and lack the feeling of achievement and merit.

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