China Medical University

China medical university is regarded one of the top ranked medical universities in china offering a wide range of programs in medical education. The university is located at Shenyang in the province of Liaoning and was incepted in 1931. China Medical University boasts of several medicals experts it gave birth to both in China and around the world over the course of its journey of imparting exceptional quality of medical education. China Medical University is also one of the very few medical universities in China authorized by the government of China to offer medical programs to foreign students in 1976.

China Medical University Ranking

China medical university ranking is in top medical universities. Over the years, China Medical University has striven hard to train, mold and fostered as many as 90 thousand medical professionals from diverse countries across the world, ever since its inception. The unrivaled quality and care in providing the best facilitation to the students has helped the university constantly be recognized as one of the top MBBS universities in China. The graduates of the university have become leaders in various international and national healthcare and medical care fields and industries. The medical programs offered by China Medical University have been recognized by the World Health Organization and the medical councils of various countries across the world. As such, students who have successfully completed the medical courses in China can appear in to write a trove of Medical Licensing Examinations conducted by diverse medical councils and statutory bodies in different countries from around the world including USMLE, MCI, PMDC, SCHS, HPCSA and many others.

China Medical University Admission

China medical university admission for Indian students is very easy now days. It is also one of the best medical universities in China owing to its impeccable academic and research capabilities when it comes to medical education to students from across the world. The under graduate, post graduate, doctoral and post doctoral medical programs offered by the university have been preferred by students seeking MBBS admission in china from over 60 countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and many others. The academic training offered by the university in the medical field is further bolstered in quality as it has academic and research relationships with institutes from such countries as USA England, Japan, France, Canada, South Korea and Russia. As one of the best medical universities in China, there is no doubt that the flawless academic forte of China Medical University with expansive learning infrastructure will surely help the students aspiring to study MBBS from China to become extremely ardent in various scholarly and empirical aspects of the field of medicine.

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China Medical University Fees

Head 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Tuition Fee 40,000 RMB 40,000 RMB 40,000 RMB 40,000 RMB 40,000 RMB
Hostel Fee 6000 RMB 6000 RMB 6000 RMB 6000 RMB 6000 RMB
Visa Extension 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB
Insurance 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB
Yearly Expense 47000 RMB 47000 RMB 47000 RMB 47000 RMB 47000 RMB
Total in 5 years 235000 RMB

*NOTE: MISC CHARGES to be paid in the University in 1st year 2500RMB-3000RMB
* Fee is subject to change as per the decision of MEA, China & the exchange rate
* 1 RMB= Rs. 10/-

Climate: Liaoning Province is located in the south of Northeast China, has a temperate continental climate with distinct four seasons: spring lasts from March to May, summer is from June to August, from September to October is autumn, and from November to February next year is winter. The annual average temperature in Liaoning is about 9 °C (4°F). January is the coldest month with the lowest temperature is -11 °C (12 °F), while the highest temperature in hottest July is 24 °C (75 °F). Summer is the rainy season in Liaoning

There are total 6 airports in Liaoning Province: Taoxian International Airport in Shenyang, ZhoushuiZi International Airport in Dalian, Langtou Airport in Dandong, Anshan Airport in Anshan City and Chaoyang Airport in Chaoyang City.
Shenyang Taoxian International Airport has daily flight to main cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Sanya, Xi’an, etc. Besides, it also serves as a bridge linking Northeast China to northern and southern Asian countries, including Pyongyang, Seoul, Qingzhou, Osaka, Zhahuang, Sapporo, Moscow, New Siberia, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk etc.

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