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Founded in 1960, Capital Medical University is one of the best and top ranked medical universities in China and is considered Beijing’s one of the principal municipal universities. There are 19 affiliated hospitals, 10 schools and a teaching institution being run under this university making it one among the most preferred medical universities in China. The university and the affiliated hospitals have a whopping collective staff of about 35,128. Among the staff there are 1,875 professors and about 3,275 associate professors, of which six are the members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering or the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It makes the university one of the most sought-after for students from across the world to study MBBS from China. The university boasts of about 10000 students currently studying and flaunts a wide range of academic programs of various levels such as bachelors, masters and doctorates along with several certification programs proving that the university is indeed one of the best medical colleges in China for Indian students.

Capital Medical University was previously known as Beijing second medical college. The university boasts of state-of-the-art medical academic, research and healthcare infrastructure offering the best academic exposure to students striving for medical admission in China in diverse fields of medical science and education. The pragmatic and empirical nature of the training given to the medical students ensures that the medical programs at the university are indeed top-notch and highly focused to equip the right knowledge and skills for students who want to study MBBS in China from across the world in a wide range of medical fields. As one of the top MBBS universities in China, Capital Medical University offers a trove of academic programs in such areas of the medical field as preventive medicine, Chinese herb pharmaceutics, nursing, biomedical engineering, stomatology, Chinese medicine, health law, health administration, rehabilitation and general medicine along with many others.

The scope for students aiming to secure their medical qualification from the best medical university in China will surely find the university to be a top contender. As the university focuses to offer best clinical and non-clinical training to the students, all the students aspiring to become the best in their respective field of specialization will surely benefit from the expansive academic proficiency of the college. The academic adeptness of Capital Medical University as the best medical university in China is further augmented by the role the university assumes to offer matchless contribution in patient care and biomedical research along with focused medical education.

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Head 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Tuition Fee 50,000 RMB 21,000 RMB 21,000 RMB 21,000 RMB 21,000 RMB
Hostel Fee 9000 RMB 5600 RMB 5600 RMB 5600 RMB 5600 RMB
Visa Extension 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB
Insurance 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB
Yearly Expense 60000 RMB 60000 RMB 60000 RMB 60000 RMB 60000 RMB
Total in 5 years   300000 RMB

*NOTE: MISC CHARGES to be paid in the University in 1st year 2500RMB-3000RMB
* Fee is subject to change as per the decision of MEA, China & the exchange rate
* 1 RMB= Rs. 10/-

Climate:Beijing has a temperate and continental monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons and big differences in temperature between day and night.Summer in Beijing is hot and humid, while winter is cold and dry. Spring and autumn are short and cool. 75% of the annual precipitation is concentrated in summer from June to August, with frequent showers in July and August. The coldest month is January at an average of -4 °C (25 °F), and the hottest month is July at an average of 26 °C (79 °F).

Transportation: There are two passenger airports in Beijing: Capital International Airport in northeast of the city, about 25 kilometers (about 16 miles) from Tiananmen Square and Nanyuan Airport in south city, about 13 kilometers (about 8 miles) from Tiananmen Square. The third airport, Beijing New Airport, will be built in Daxing District in the near future. Most of the domestic and international flights arrive at and depart from the capital international airport, the reputed “First Door of China”. It is the largest, busiest, most important modern airport in China as well as the first and only airport in Asia-Pacific area equipped with two control towers, three terminals and three runways. Currently, over 90 airlines operate about 1,400 flights to / from 223 destinations at home and abroad here. Airport shuttle bus, express subway train and taxi can easily reach the airport.

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