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24 May 2019

Benefits of Medical Degree in China

Medical education refers to education related to the practice of being a doctor. Those who follow a basic medical training to become a doctor, the additional training allows a medical student to specialize in one of the medical areas. Study medicine in China began at the beginning of the 20th century. Medical universities in China accredited by the higher education council of China over 6 years of the undergraduate medical degree.

To control the standards of MBBS in China, the ministry of education of China established a regulation of quality control of medical education this regulation pays special attention to the medium in English for university students. Currently, there are around 50 medical universities in China have been accredited to offer the MBBS and BDS program in English language, where international students who meet the entrance criteria apply for study MBBS in China at those best medical universities.

MBBS in China has been improved to meet international standards. Nowadays, most Chinese medical universities offer MBBS, BDS programs that are taught in the English medium. The medical student who completed the MBBS degree program received the MBBS title; however, the one who followed the BDS medical education program received the title of BDS.

Most of the medical universities in China admit students in MBBS or BDS programs with a background of science subjects, such as Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students must demonstrate that they can follow medical courses in English. These subjects are prerequisites to be accepted in any universities of Chinese medicine; other requirements vary according to the medical universities.

In addition, apart from the MBBS and BDS program, China’s medical education system trains graduate students in all medical fields of master’s degree, as well as for doctoral levels, master’s degrees in any clinical field during the last 3 years in the majority of Chinese medical schools and Ph.D. for the last 3 to 4 years in most medical universities in China.

Nowadays, Chinese medical universities, first courses focused on basic sciences such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Pathology. In advanced years, students cover topics of clinical medicine such as Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Public Health and General Surgery. Those courses are for the student who submits to the MBBS program; after 5 years of study, medical students begin their internship at one of the hospitals affiliated with their university.

The successful completion of the internship allows a medical student to obtain a degree in medicine, a degree in surgery. Starting the medical practice career after MBBS depends on the laws and regulations of the country where a graduate student wants to pursue his medical career.

Another medical education program offered by most of the medical college in China is the BDS program. BDS medical education trains qualified medical personnel who wish to become a dentist. In this BDS, the program is among the most preferred to study MBBS in China by international students.

The BDS curriculum has recently been revised to meet international standards and provide a strong medical background in the modern dental field. The basic courses in medical education of BDS in China include oral pathology, oral medicine, human oral anatomy, and oral microbiology, materials used in dentistry, histology and dental morphology, maxillofacial surgery.

All subjects are taught in English. The medical education of BDS in China takes 5 years, including practice. The successful completion of BDS medical education allows a medical student to obtain a degree in dentistry and dental surgery. Beginning the practice as a dentist and dental surgeries depend on the laws and regulations where the owner of a BDS degree wants to pursue his career.

Study medicine in China continues to be successful and produces future qualified doctors, due to their experience with dedicated teachers and professors. Modern infrastructure and the use of modern technology in medical education make China’s medical education one of the best in the world.

Most of Chinese Medical universities, schools, and colleges are recognized by the World Health Organization and China Medical education is ranked at 4th by recent WHO survey, medical degrees provided by Chinese Medical universities, schools, and college are accepted and recognized all over the world. Those degrees allow a graduate who wants to pursue major or minor medical specialties in any medical university, schools, or colleges all over the world.

The majority of Chinese universities, schools, and medical college in China are recognized by the World Health Organization and Chinese medical education ranks 4th according to a recent WHO survey. The medical degrees awarded by the medical college in China are accepted and recognized throughout the world. These degrees allow a graduate who wishes to obtain major or minor medical specialties at any university / medical school or faculties around the world.

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