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17 Sep 2019

A Visit to Yangzhou University

We got the opportunity to visit Yangzhou University once when we went to China for some business purpose. We were also looking for a good University for our childhood. The visit to the University helps me to know more about the students who want to study MBBS in Yangzhou University. It also opened various pages concerning the university and its atmosphere. We got to know about various important points for the university that must be known by a parent for deciding to get admission to the university.


Yangzhou University was established in the year 1902. It is a very old University and still, it surprised us by its robust strength. The construction of the university was done very beautifully and it has been maintained very nicely. We were impressed with the maintenance of the infrastructure. The university covers acres of land and there were hospitals also that are working in association with it. It has a huge campus and all the buildings of the university are standing erect. The best part of the university was the fact that it is a not-for-profit organization. It is the most important quality of an educational institution.

Courses offered

The university offers courses in various disciplines in a very disciplined manner. All the buildings and the classrooms in the university were clearly understood. The name of every place was written at the top of it very clearly and cleanly. The courses offered are related to Engineering, science, agriculture, etc. We also got the opportunity to meet the staff members and the faculty members. We got to know about their qualifications along with their awards and recognition. Qingdao University has registered itself in winning Nobel prices also. It was an honour to meet those learned faculty members.

Number of students

There were two thousand of the students present at the university at the time of our visit. There was no Chaos at any point. We visited the university between 12 and 3 in the afternoon. This time is expected to create some noise but every student in the university was completely disciplined. The number of staff members was very sufficient in quantity and there were volunteers in addition to it. All these arrangements were to maintain the discipline in the university. The students of different races and communities were also seen in the university.

The rank of the University

According to CWUR World University Rankings 2018-2019, the rank of Yangzhou University is 70. This is a very big rank. It means that Yangzhou University is in the top hundred out of more than a thousand universities in the world. It is not so easy to achieve after more than a hundred years of establishment for any university in the world. The quality of the studies is also understood after knowing these important points to the university.

Camaraderie in the atmosphere

All the people, whether they were employees for the students had very good behaviour and attitude. There was an air of camaraderie in the university. This made us feel that our child is going to become a very intelligent and promising personality after studying here. He will not only become a great professional after he decided to study MBBS in Yangzhou University but also a wonderful human being after living in such a disciplined atmosphere at such a prestigious University.

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